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imagine how funny my life would be if there was a laugh track in it

it would be significantly less funny

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drinking while you’re peeing is so fucking meta

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i wish money

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that feel when you’re at the gym listening to stand up comedy on your pandora and you laugh out loud

this is my lyf3

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my boyfriend just told me he got me an ice cream cake for my birthday 

but his little cousins ate it

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slapping your nipple and watching it grow… simple pleasures

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i wish everyone i know didn’t hate the circus so much because i really want to go

because i really like circuses

i feel the same way about bowling????//

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i really want sully’s but i also really want to lose all of the pounds that i weigh

this is really sad for me

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ingrown hairs will be the destroyer of this great nation

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i think my favorite physical feature about myself is being 5’11 and it took me a rly long time to appreciate it

thank you based god

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good food is so good

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i’ve lost six pounds in the past week of going to the gym and dieting

holy shit, i didn’t know it worked that fast?

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feelings are weird and so are feelings

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